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Liability; Confidentiality Protection; Quality Assurance;
Flexible Solutions; Contractual Obligations; More

This document was updated on 30 September, 2020

These terms may be amended and updated and Coachist will take fair measures to inform everyone affected within reasonable time. u

All Clients, Coaches, Mentors, and Staff must agree to these Terms and to our Privacy Policy. For further questions, please read our FAQs or contact us directly.

Clients can receive coaching or mentoring anonymously, but must ensure that they meet the legal criteria in order to obtain such services. If there is any concern as to the clients’ capacity to receive coaching or mentoring, then it is advisable to contact Coachist right away before proceeding.


The mission of Coachist is to ensure the highest quality of service and to promote long-term loyalty with clients.

We maintain the highest degree of integrity in terms of avoiding any conflict-of-interest and ensuring a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Contact us at or reach out through our Official WhatsApp for any questions or clarifications.

Confidentiality Protection – Legal Compliance

Mentorship and coaching through Coachist comply and adhere to the international rules provided under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In addition to contractual terms, options such as anonymity and NDA’s can be used in order to safeguard identities and confidential information.

Coachist is committed to working with clients to resolve any issues and to reach meet clients’ needs.

Quality AssurancePrestige and Quality

We apply quality experience and skill sets with a passionate dedication to success.

This ensures prestige in our service, allowing for the highest level quality of coaching and mentoring experience.

Our principle is to offer easy, accessible, and effective coaching and mentoring.

For any concerns, please contact Coachist to resolve any issues.

Flexibility in Choosing Multiple Solutions – Custom Solutions

Solutions at the corporate level may involve both personal and professional aspects of the company and the individuals constituting it.

At a personal level, achieving results in one part of life may involve a multi-factorial approach reaching other parts of life as well as work.

Coachist can recommended a holistic combination of coaching and mentoring, depending on the circumstances, goals and requirements.

Contracts Obligations

In order for contracts to be valid, we must have capacity to enter into contracts. In cases requiring it, clients can obtain coaching or mentoring with the consent and appropriate supervision and guidance of someone legally able to do so on their behalf.

As Coachist may work with international persons as well as with companies and individuals within the EU, we are dedicated to meeting both the regulations of the EU GDPR, as well as any applicable laws internationally which relate to the service provision of professional coaching and mentorship.

Cost, Time, and Specifics Provision of Service

The cost, timing, and specifics of the provision of advice or services in relation to coaching and mentoring, are agreed upon between Coachist and clients, on a per-situation basis.

Each situation carries different requirements, and each client has different preferences. In order to provide effective solutions, initial communications provide an opportunity for both parties to assess the right fit.

Coaching and mentoring encompass a wide subject matter which is largely unregulated internationally. Coachist ensures any limitations, obligations, or other rules are respected by any applicable international rules.

Coachist was established in 2019 in Cyprus as an ambitious project to offer a professional medium through which effective and accessible mentorship and coaching can be easily obtained. As a boutique entity, Coachist is built on a solid but flexible base, allowing for both change and collaboration, as well as strategic and practical application. For any further information, questions or any concerns, we are reachable at or through our Official WhatsApp.

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