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Liability; Confidentiality Protection; Quality Assurance;
Flexible Solutions; Contractual Obligations; More

This document was updated on 31 March, 2020

These terms may be amended and updated and Coachist will take fair measures to inform everyone affected within reasonable time.

All Clients, Coaches, Mentors, and Staff must agree to these Terms and our Privacy Policy. For further questions, please read our FAQs or contact us directly.

Clients can receive coaching or mentoring anonymously, but must ensure that they meet the legal criteria in order to obtain such services. If there is any concern as to the clients’ capacity to receive coaching or mentoring, then it is advisable to contact Coachist right away before proceeding.


Full money-back satisfaction guaranteed for the last half-hour of coaching or mentoring received.

If the coaching or mentoring session is not meet your expectations or needs, and it is not possible to resolve the matter with the coach or mentor directly, hang up within half an hour and Coachist will refund or credit the funds to your account.

Why only half-hour? To strike a reasonable and fair balance, between the coaches / mentors providing a service, and the client stopping the service within a reasonable amount of time if they are not satisfied.

The goal of Coachist is to ensure the highest quality of service and promote long-term loyalty with both members and clients.

Any funds deposited with Coachist can be refunded to clients upon request, excluding the discount credit provided with volume purchases and any transfer fees incurred depending on the method of payment. Coachist processes refunds securely through PayPal by default and cannot be held accountable for any losses resulting from the transaction, such as service fees or differences in exchange rate.

We can organise and identify reasonable ways together with clients in order to minimise any losses from transferring of the funds and to ensure client satisfaction.

Alternatively, instead of a refund, Coachist is willing to work with the client to identify how their needs can be met.

Contact us at or reach Coachist through our Official WhatsApp for easy and effective dispute resolution and accommodation. Client satisfaction, resolving concerns, and addressing feedback is our priority.

Any refund decisions issued are subject to fair use of the service. For example, frequent and repeated use of the refund policy may result in restrictions for mutual protection of both clients and members.

Confidentiality Protection – Legal Compliance

Mentors and coaches are required to legally comply and adhere as Data Controllers under the international rules provided under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Mentors and coaches have the option to become verified with Coachist. This means that they provide identification and formally agree to respect the confidentiality of the information that they come in contact with. Coachist recommends that mentors and coaches do get verified, because this increases client confidence and transparency.

Each coach and mentor is held liable by personal contract, consent, acceptance of the Coachist Privacy Policy, these Terms as well as by the EU GDPR regulations, in terms of the information that they come across while mentoring or coaching.

Coachist cannot be held responsible for any breach on behalf of the coaches/mentors, as this is a contractual and legal duty, between the coaches/mentors and the clients. Coaches/mentors are therefore solely liable to ensure that they take the necessary safeguards to protect, and remain respectful of the confidentiality of the information that they come across.

Clients are encouraged to inform and communicate to Coachist anything they find to be to their dissatisfaction or for any causes of concern regarding confidentiality, safety, or any other issues whatsoever.

Coachist is committed to working with clients to resolve any issues and to reach meet clients’ needs.

Quality AssurancePrestige and Quality

We apply quality experience and leading skills with a passionate dedication to client satisfaction. This ensures prestige in our service, allowing for the highest level quality of coaching and mentoring experience.

Coachist brings together coaches and mentors who share one aspect in particular – a dedication to quality.

The goal is to offer anyone who comes to Coachist – easy, accessible, and effective coaching and mentoring.

The rating system we use is validated on the Blockchain by Trustalyze. This allows Coachist to ensure that all reviews and ratings for our members are authenticated, recorded, and verifiable.

For any concerns, please contact Coachist to resolve any issues.

Flexibility in Choosing Multiple Solutions – Custom Solutions

Each client can choose for themselves which coaches and mentors to contact directly. Alternatively, Coachist can work with clients to recommended a combination of coaches and mentors, depending on the circumstances, goals and requirements.

Any changes or cancellation of session are requested to be informed reasonably ahead of time. Each coach or mentor is responsible for arranging or accommodating unforeseen circumstances fairly. For any help or questions, please contact Coachist at or through our Official WhatsApp.

Contracts Obligations

In order for contracts to be valid, clients as well as coaches/mentors must have capacity to enter into contracts. In cases requiring it, clients can obtain coaching or mentoring with the consent and appropriate supervision and guidance of someone legally able to do so on the client’s behalf.

As Coachist may work with coaches and mentors internationally, the contractual relation is not one of employment and each party is responsible for disclosing any income on their own account for tax purposes to their respective government agencies as necessary and applicable.

Coaches and mentors are responsible for meet their legal and contractual obligations directly to the clients.

The coaches and mentors, by private contractactual provisions, and by EU GDPR regulations as Data Controllers – take on all responsibility for the data that is processed between them and the clients. Therefore Coachist cannot be taken as liable for breaches of coaches/mentors in their interactions with clients, even though the company will take an active role in ensuring a good outcome and protection for all parties as an arbitrator and good faith mediator.

Cost, Time, and Specifics Holding Sessions

Each session is one hour in length, and the scheduling, as well as the method of communication, is determined directly between the members and the clients. Coachist may undertake the responsibility for facilitating the details between members and clients, as can be the case for those clients benefiting from tailored mentoring solutions such as businesses looking for a team of mentors with specific attributes.

Any prices agreed to between members and clients are subject to a 50% fee by Coachist or as otherwise agreed between Coachist and the members. To find out what happens with the revenue, read our Pitch Deck.

These terms are only valid so long as members are working with clients through Coachist. Members have a good faith duty to provide services with clients obtained through Coachist, through our company only. If members attempt to lure clients outside of Coachist this can result in breach of contract as well as a breach of duty in regards to protection of clients’ data under GDPR provisions. If members wish to discontinue to work with Coachist it is highly advised to inform us ahead of time so that we can make any necessary provisional arrangements as well as inform any affected clients and ensure the security and satisfaction of all parties during the transition.

Any client reviews of their experiences with coaches and mentors are validated on the blockchain by Trustalyze for authenticity. To maintain fairness and transparency, all submitted reviews become a property of Coachist. In event of a dispute, Coachist will cooperate with all parties involved to ensure a quality experience and fair resolution.

Coachist is a startup incorporated in October of 2019. It is led and operated by Andy Vulcanescu and the current and growing intellectual, ambitious, and passionate team. As a new entity, Coachist is building a solid functioning base for a quality platform which can be expanded and improved upon as revenue and investments are attracted. For any further information, questions or any concerns, we are reachable at or through our Official WhatsApp.

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