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Step 1. Review the Terms

These are your rights, protections, and terms of service

Step 2. Talk to the Members

Contact a coach/mentor from the Members Page for a free introductory session, to agree on the fee, and to schedule a session with them directly. Alternatively, ask Coachist to help, and we can provide recommendations or tailored solutions based on your specific situation. We are here to help.

Step 3. Select Your Package

Purchase credit with coachist to cover the cost of the sessions, or contact us for custom orders / or larger packages for corporations.

The coaches / mentors will be reimbursed by Coachist following a set time after the session, in order to allow us to resolve any potential issues which may arise, including issuing a refund in the case that you are not satisfied.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please refer to our Terms of Service at the link above or contact us for details at or our Official WhatsApp.

€20 Credit
  • Invoice by Coachist
  • Emailed Documentation
  • add VAT tax
  • Coachist Support
– 5%
€100 Credit
  • Starter, and
  • 5% Off
  • add VAT tax
  • Coachist Support
– 10%
€1000 Credit
  • Starter, and
  • 10% Off
  • add VAT tax
  • Coachist Support

Step 4. Leave a Review

Leave a review of your experience with your coach or mentor on their member page which will be validated on the blockchain through Trustalyze. Consider leaving Coachist a testimonial at or a company review through TrustPilot or Google Reviews.

Step 5. Schedule More Sessions

Schedule more sessions directly with the coaches or with the help of Coachist. Consider purchasing packages conveniently in advance to use with any member of Coachist at your convenience. Do you wish to join and be a part of Coachist? Let us know.

Step 6. More Information

Invoices, orders, balances, any updates and critical information are emailed to you or communicated through your preferred communication method, so you are always in possession and in control of your details and information. Contact us for any help or feedback at or our Official WhatsApp.

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