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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Getting Started

Simply visit the Members Page and contact a coach or mentor directly.

The price is determined and agreed between you and the coach or mentor, in your communications.

Prepay through our Sessions Page, which is securely processed through PayPal.

Yes. Contact us at or Official WhatsApp. We accommodate bank transfers into our Cyprus Business Account and a multitude of other options, including cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

The members will schedule the sessions with clients as agreed, and the members will check with Coachist that the funds are paid before commencing the sessions.

Yes. Contact us at or our Official WhatsApp to get our help at selecting a coach, mentor or tailored team of members to help you with your specific needs.

At Coachist, we refer to members who focus on life coaching and related areas, as life coaches. Members who provide services about business and related areas, to individuals or businesses, are referred to as business mentors. Coaches for Life + Mentors for Business. Some members are able to provide both types.

You will organise the details together with your coach or mentor. Options can include holding sessions through apps like WhatsApp, Skype, over telephone, or with professional teleconferencing such as Teamviewer Blizz – or even in-person depending on your location.

2. Your Safety

Coachist adheres to strict EU GDPR privacy and data protection regulations. We screen and request identification only from all verified coaches and mentors for the purpose of binding them legally to adhere to the same strict regulations when dealing with client information.

We advise against it. If a member requests to organise sessions and payment outside of Coachist, please inform us via email or through our Official WhatsApp. Coachist is a legally incorporated entity bound to protect clients’ privacy and provide quality services. We require mentors and coaches to go through Coachist to maintain this level of quality and protection of clients’ interests.

You do not have the legal protection that Coachist helps to ensure regarding the privacy and protection of the information you exchange. Also, there are no guarantees, quality control, fraud-protection, or enforceable refund policies which Coachist helps to ensure as an incorporated company. The member may be trying to do so illegally to avoid tax, fees, or legal liability towards clients. We expect members of Coachist to hold sessions under the protection and supervision of our company, as per the Terms of our Service to which they agreed, which is centered around clients’ best interests and ensuring the safest and best quality service provision.

We screen each member to ensure quality and prestige. For additional confidence, we offer to optionally verify members by prove their identify, commitment to privacy, and consent to legally bind them to the EU GDPR privacy and data protection regulations.

A coach or mentor who is verified has taken the additional optional steps to provide documentation to Coachist to prove their identity. Verified members also agree to legally adhere to GDPR privacy regulations in regards to the protection of personal data of the clients that they come into contact with. It is a sign of transparency and trust for a coach or mentor to go through the additional process to become verified, however this can invoke confidence into their credibility and dedication to quality and privacy. Visit the More Members page for more information.

You are welcome to leave a review for Coachist with TrustPilot or Google Reviews. To leave a verified member review, you can do so on every member’s page in the Members Section.

Coachist uses Trustalyze to validate reviews. We verify each review to ensure that it comes from actual clients. Once the verification process is complete, the reviews are registered on the public Blockchain through Trustalyze.

3. Refunds and Discounts

Yes. On our Sessions page we offer up to 10% discount depending on the amount. For greater amounts we are able to offer custom pricing and accommodations.

Yes. You can request all of your remaining unused funds that you have with us at any time. We cannot refund the original transaction fees if any were incurred in processing your payment (PayPal charges around 4% and other payment methods may cost differently). For specific circumstances, please contact us at our email or Official WhatsApp. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Yes. However, only for the last half-hour of a session. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with a mentor or coach’s performance, make sure to stop the session within 30 minutes, and contact Coachist for a refund, to select a different coach or mentor, or let us know what we can do to help you. This refund rule is in place for the mutual protection of both the members and the clients.

You can request a refund or save it for future coaching or mentoring sessions whenever you need it.

4. Further Information

Cyprus is where the concept started. The founder of Coachist resides in Cyprus and as the management decisions are carried out from Cyprus, the company is incorporated here in compliance with and under the protection of Cyprus Company Law and strict EU privacy regulations. We plan to expand internationally once Coachist exits the startup phase!

Our members each charge differently based on their experience and offerings. Coachist pays the members 50% of the price agreed to with clients, as outlined in the Terms of Service. The reason for this can be found in the breakdown of where the money goes and why 50% strikes a necessary balance between rewarding members while being able to sustaining the company’s operations and international expansion. Find the details in our Pitch Deck and we appreciate if you email us or contact us at our Official WhatsApp for any feedback.

Coachist pays European VAT in Cyprus, applicable Corporate taxes, audit fees as well as corresponding accounting fees. Each member who provides coaching or mentoring is responsible for declaring their income in their respective tax jurisdiction as required by the law of their jurisdiction.

Contact Coachist by email or at our Official WhatsApp. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

No. However, contact us if this is something that you need and Coachist will strive to provide and organise accommodations for you.

Yes. In addition to our Official WhatsApp and email, we are reachable through LINE, Skype, Teleconferencing, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, and more. Each individual member who provides coaching or mentoring may agree to communicate with clients using different communication methods or traditional telephone. Click on the Coachist button in the lower right corner of the website for different contact options and let us know if your preferred contact method is not listed, so that we can look into making ourselves more available to you.

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