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Corporate Information

Registered 16 Oct 2019 Cyprus Company Number HE403157

Our Mission

make it simple to find and receive quality coaching and mentoring

bring established coaches and mentors together in one place

ensure that clients are protected and satisfied


Andy Vulcanescu BA, LLB is the founder and CEO of Coachist.

“Hi, I am glad of your interest in Coachist! Most of us are told of the importance in finding mentors and coaches to provide guidance, direction, and to enable us to identify and achieve our goals – whether for individuals or for businesses.

I have personally had the privilege of having amazing mentors and coaches in my life. Good things are worth sharing and Coachist aims to bring others the same such amazing opportunities so they don’t just happen as they do traditionally – largely by chance.

Easy, accessible, and effective coaching is something which I had in my life by chance – something that made all the difference in my success and how I dealt with challenges – and I just don’t think it should be a matter of luck whether an individual can access quality coaching when they need it.

For businesses, it shouldn’t be by chance that a company can connect with and secure sound mentorship when required – whether to survive or to take things to the next level. There are plenty of experienced or retired industry experts who appreciate the power in becoming mentors and offering their valuable services to bring growth and solutions to today’s businesses.

It is my mission to leverage my experience and qualifications, in order to maintain a high level of quality, safety, and simplicity as the core values behind Coachist, developing the company to become a leader in the international coaching and mentoring industries.

Coaching and mentoring, by definition, are not primarily focused on attracting money. The revenue and profit goes to our members for their time commitment, as well as towards the company to expand our outreach and to cover necessary staff and operating expenses.

I look forward to building a solid team and to attract quality members to offer coaching and mentorship worldwide.

Get Involved

Coachist, as a startup, is on the lookout for investors and partnership opportunities.

We are exploring innovative growth and expansion avenues, internationally.

To learn more about our business from the corporate side, access our Pitch Deck or simply contact us at or Official WhatsApp.

Thank you for your interest in Coachist – Let’s Talk

Official WhatsApp +357 99 013 860
48 Acropoleos Ave, 3rd Floor, Nicosia, 2012, Cyprus

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